Zoe Love Travilla is the daughter of Lawrence Love, the young wife of Edward Travilla Jr. (also known as Ned), and the mother of twins Lily and Lawrence. Elsie Dinsmore Travilla is her mother-in-law.

Zoe is shown to be a feisty, bright, yet emotional girl, who still values childish fun. She has some amount of pride, and can be rather rebellious and disobedient, which often causes arguments between Edward and her. But she loves her husband dearly, calling him "all she has in all the wide world." She is rarely apart from him. 


Zoe Love Travilla is the daughter of Lawrence Love. Her mother died when she was young. While Zoe, aged 15, and her father were on a vacation in Eurupe, they met Edward Travilla Jr., Elsie Dinsmore Travilla's son. 

During that time, Mr. Love grew deathly ill. While on his deathbed, he called for Edward, who found him a preacher to pray with him before his death. Before Mr. Love died, Edward asked to marry Zoe, only 15 years old. Mr. Love agreed and saw them married before he died. 

Edward's family are shocked when he returns from Europe married to a young girl. But they take Zoe to their hearts and make her feel truly apart of the family. 

Zoe is very jealous of anyone her husband pays attention to. Which does cause some major conflict when they meet a manipulative woman, intent on ruining their marriage.