Violet is the third child of Elsie and Edward Travilla. She later marries Levis Raymond and becomes stepmother to his three children, Max, Lulu and Gracie. She also gives birth to two children of her own, Elsie and Edward.

Violet is known to have a sweet, forgiving disposition and loves her husband, his children and her own dearly, though Lulu often distresses her with her willfulness and quick temper.

Childhood Edit

Violet has a relatively happy childhood marred by the ill health and eventual death of her younger sister, Lily. She also suffers the death of her father during her teen years.

Once, at age 13, during her parent's absence, a cousin attempted to convert Violet to Catholicism. Since she didn't have her parent's guidance, Violet was very confused and questioned all that she had been taught. Violet was also bound to secrecy which troubled her greatly. Eventually the truth came out without Violet breaking her promise and she recieved the guidence she craved.

Adulthood Edit

At age 19, Violet married Levis Raymond, a captain in the navy. She was completely happy in her marriage except for the fact that his job kept him away for long periods of time. Violet took his three motherless children to live with her and her family at Ion, her mother's home. She grew to love them all as her own, especially feeble Gracie.

After several years, Violet gave birth to Elsie. Soon after this, Levis retired from the navy and bought a house, Woodburn, that was near Ion. A little later, Edward Raymond was born.