Lulu Raymond is the daughter of Captain Levis and Grace Raymond, and the stepdaughter of Violet Raymond (nee Travilla). Lulu has four siblings, older brother Max, younger sister, Gracie, and step-siblings, Ned and Elsie.

Lulu is shown to have inherited her father's temper and often flies into wild rages that end in a long punishment. She is also extremely honest, and loving.

After their mother's death, Lulu and Gracie lived with "Aunt Beulah," a careless old woman who had no talent for fostering children. Max stayed nearby with an abusive man. Lulu was disrespectful and disobedient, causing much trouble between her and her caretaker, who favored Gracie. 

Once her father, Levis Raymond, a naval captain, married Violet Travilla, Max, Lulu, and Gracie went to live with their step-mother, step-grandmother, step-great-grandfather, and step-aunts and step-uncles at Ion while he was at sea. There Lulu caused even more trouble.   

Resenting the fact that "people who weren't even relations" to her had authority over her, she often was saucy to Violet. Also, she continued losing her temper when crossed, and saying or doing things she was sorry for afterwards. Her father's repeated threat was to send her to boarding school among strangers, something Lulu dreaded, but she knew her father would not allow his annoying daughter to trouble "these kind friends" further. Lulu found a helpful friend in Elsie Leland's niece, Evelyn, as well as a severe annoyance in Violet's younger sister, Rosie.  

The final straws included an incident that took place in the Dinsmore's country home in Lousiana. Lulu failed a music lesson, and when the teacher struck her, hit him back and refused to be taught by him anymore. She was isolated, and then finally sent away. However, it took her sisters' Gracie and Elsie contracting a life-threatening disease for her to back down.  

Interesting enough, Lulu's other huge misendemeor was kicking her baby sister Elsie down some stairs (thinking she was a dog) while in a passion. This caused her father to call her "a miserable wretch."  

Soon after that, her father returned to land for good, and bought a house near the Travilla's where he moved with his wife and children. Lulu profited under her father's stern, but loving hand, and soon became a better Christian daughter.  

 When she grew up, she married Chester Dinsmore, despite previously promising to never leaver her father.