Enna Dinsmore is the youngest child of old Mr. and Mrs. Dinsmore (Elsie's grandparents), and half-sister to Horace Dinsmore, Elsie's father.


Enna is often mentioned in the other books as being Elsie's tormenter, constantly "carrying tales to her mamma", Elsie's step-grandmother, who then becomes angry with Elsie. As the two mature into young teens, Enna mocks Elsie for her pious ways, saying that she would never be guided and controlled by her father as Elsie is by hers. She also taunts Elsie about giving up her lover, whom her father rightly believes to be a fortune-seeker. She had been giving and recieveing forbidden attentions with Dick Percival.


Enna grows up and marries Dick Percival. It is mentioned that Dick has spent all of their money on drink, and Enna has brought their infant child back to Roselands to live with her parents. With Dick, she has two children, Dick Jr. and Molly. Later on, Dick dies in the Civil War, and a few weeks later Enna meets and marries Robert Johnson. He fathers Bob (Robert Jr.) and Betty before being killed, leaving Enna a widow for the second time. Later Enna sustains an almost fatal injury in a coach accident, causing her to lose her memory and reason. She later recovers it after a tumble in the Ion lakelet, and she is said to have accepted Christ. After Molly marries, she moves with her to Magnolia Hall, where she eventually dies.