Elsie was the first-born child to Elsie and Edward Travilla. She was the older sister to Edward, Violet, Harold, Herbert, Lily, Rosie, and Walter.

Later in life, she married Lester Leland and gave birth to Edward, Eric, Elsie Alicia (called Alie) and Violet (Vi). She also was an aunt to Evelyn Leland.


From early childhood, Elsie closely resembled her mother, also named Elsie.

She was a beautiful, kind and sweet girl. When her little sister Lily was ill, Elsie accompanied her parents to Louisiana in hopes of improving her health.

Adulthood: Edit

Several men fell in love with Elsie, including her 2nd cousin and her Mother’s childhood friend’s son. But Elsie fell in love with a poor artist, Lester Leland. He was the nephew to the Travilla’s next door neighbors. When Lester fell ill while in Italy, Elsie traveled to Europe to nurse him back to health. She was married next to his sickbed so that she could nurse him properly as his wife.

They remained in Italy for several years before returning to the States. Her first child was born in Italy. Later, Lester bought his uncle’s house, so that Elsie could be close to her mother and other family. Her other children were born there. Lester’s niece Evelyn moved in with Elsie and her family after the death of Evelyn’s father, Lester's brother, Eric Leland.